Lanze the Rapper
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2019 / 02 / 20

Lanze is a 20-year-old (as of this post) rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio. While his debut appears to be a serious attempt by the young rapper, subsequent releases sought to capitalize on his newfound infamy. While his regular speaking voice is typical for his background, his voice becomes rather distinct when he becomes agitated or excited.

In late 2017 he was reportedly shot in the arm. In early 2018, he was charged with three counts of felony burglary and faces a possible 25 years in prison as of this post.

Lanze's psychotic gaze and asthmatic rapping style conjure feelings of both pity and fear. But with a gunshot wound and three felony counts of burglary, he's likely more "street" than people might give him credit for.
Lanze, "Bring Me That Shit", 2017
This is Lanze's internet debut single.
Lanze's mug shot.